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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Party Vegas Style Halloween Weekend

Be careful what you wish for.  Because you are going to get it!

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You're coming to Las Vegas to PAR-TAY and you need a list of Las Vegas nightclubs and dayclubs on the Strip (and off) to plan your dance attack.  While you may be familiar with the Superclubs Marquee, XS and Hakkasan we thought we would introduce you to our personal favorites, Haze, Drai's and Hyde:

Hyde at the Bellagio introduces a metropolitan flair with the old world style of an Italian villa.  Marble tiles, chandeliers and romantic paintings are among the small but plentiful details which make Hyde a unique venue with class and an old world touch sure to entice the upscale party-goer. 
Hyde will not drum out your conversations with that special someone due to overly loud beats.  The appeal is the subtle things other clubs overlooked such as the intimacy or walking out on the balcony to watch the best view of the Bellagio Fountains.

Drai's Nightclub at the Cromwell.  The newly remodeled botique hotel is formerly known as Bill's.  Drais is back.  The reigning after hours champion is back for round more!  With a nightclub, pool party and after hours. Amazing DJ performances by Syndey Sampson, Nick Cannon,  DJ Irie, and the Tuesday night Yacht Club.  

Drai’s Nightclub – The Cromwell

Everyone is going to want to see the newly opened Drai’s at The Cromwell. From after-hours nightlife headquarters to new and improved venue on the Strip it’ll be a hot spot for sure this weekend in Las Vegas. Oh, did we mention it’s on the roof?  With upcoming performances by Chris Brown!  From the Nightclub to After Hours and a Pool Party this place has really become the Las Vegas Hot Spot!   

With over 200k in cash and prizes being given away Halloween Weekend it will be epic!  Including a brand new Ducati motorcycle from Ducati Las Vegas.  

Hakkasan is definately one of the toughest doors in all of Las Vegas.  We make sure you never wait in line.  Bottle Service can be really expensive.  That's why you need to use insider's like us.
 702-292-5395 Special guest DJ for Tuesday November 4th for AVN.  

Thursday October 30th Halloween Weekend.  Not to mention he is the New Years Eve Headliner!  Performing Saturday November 15th and Saturday November 22nd.  

Friday October 31st with Danny Avila.  

Saturday November 1st a Double headliner in the main room with another headliner in the Ling Ling Lounge?  Who can ask for more!  

Sunday November 2nd.  You can have your cake and eat it too!  Steve Aoki is the master chef!  Also performs Friday October 25th,  Fridays November 7th and November 21st.  

Here is the XS Lineup for the upcoming week:

It is hard for me to say goodbye to a club like Haze.  So many good times and so much fun.  This is the closing party with none other than Carl Cox.  With recent residency at Club Light in Mandalay Bay we are going to raise the roof one iast time here.  

Our team is here to help you have the vacation of a lifetime!  Reservations call/text 702-292-5395 24/7 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Skrillex XS Las Vegas Night Swim Party


Sonny Johnny Moore is better know to everyone as Skrillex.  From 2004 to 2009 he was the lead singer of From First to Last.  They had 3 albums Dear Diary, My Teen Angel has a Body Count, and Heroine.  He started his solo career in 2007.  He joined the Alternative Press Tour, and supported such bands as All Time Low and The Rocket Summer.  They appeared on the cover of the annual issue of "100 bands you need to know."

In 2011 he was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and won 3 of them!  "Best Dance/Electronica Album"  "Best Dance Recording"  and "Best Remixed Recording non-classical"  On December 12th 2011 he was named MTV's Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year!  Now he was won a total of six Grammy Awards. 

On January 2nd 2013 Skrillex released his 7th EP Leaving on the OWSLA subscription service, Next IV.  He later released the single "Try it Out" with Alvin Risk.  In March of 2014 an App titled "Alien Ride" was put on the Apple's App Store which contained secret folder with 11 hidden objects and a countdown ending March 10th.  Moore's website was updated with the App's picture on the front page.  It was later revealed the folder contains Google Play and ITunes url's which eventually were to be revealed to be 11 new songs availble to stream that comprised his debut L.P. titled Recess.  The album was made available for pre-order and released on March 18th 2014. 

He was the resident DJ at Club Light in Mandalay Bay for 2013 to 2014, He can now be seen in Las Vegas Exclusively at XS Nightclub. The Nightswim pool party has revolutionized the nightclub industry in the last 3 years. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Las Vegas Entertainment Memorial Day Weekend


Here is the inside scoop for Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend.  I frequent the Vegas clubs.  I go to them all the time to socialize and keep in touch with my business contacts who have become my friends.  I always see a HUGE LINE in front of the door, anxiously waiting the guy who checks your I.D. and opens the ropes. Many of you have a love/hate relationship with the Vegas clubs because of this.  

Your new best friend, the club promoter, promised you would walk right in.  You call him, you text him, you meet him at the club and all he says it he's sorry.  Your weekend is now 1-2 hours in line and that much less fun in the club.  You're not alone.  The most astonishing thing is how long the promoter- general admission- guest list line is and how many first time visitors fall for this trap.  They got what they paid for. 

The first female artist included on MTV's hottest MC list.  "Pink Friday" was one of the best selling albums in 2012.  With the featured song "Starships"  The New York Times has been suggesting that she is the most influential female rapper of all time!  This is a must see show.  Especially if you like Hip Hop. 

Here is how to avoid the scam and enjoy the BAM!!  Promoters are paid to build up the crowd in front of the club.  Use a hosting company, not empty promises from someone at the bottom of the food chain.  Las Vegas took 14 of the top 20 clubs in the US for 2013.  If you come for Memorial Day you want it to be a day when you remember the club, not the line.  


The Hot 100 is the best thing going on Friday afternoon.  The sexiest ladies in bikini's you will ever see!  We offer pool side daybeds and cabanas.  Like I said before our VIP hosts DJ so you will be getting the best deal available with a nice location.  

To get into the SUPER CLUBS, Hakkasan, Light, Marquee and XS make your reservations now.  Everyone wants to be in the TOP US CLUB. Which will it be? Memorial Day Weekend will have a part in deciding that so all the SUPER STARS are coming out to play...

With performances Saturday May 17th at the nightclub.  May 24th at the Dayclub and then the Nightclub.  And June 6th at the Nightclub.  


We offer all the best event tickets for concerts, fights and shows.  Premium seating.  Whether the event is sold out or not.  You get to go over the map with a licensed broker.  Pick your seats!  

With 15 years of chart topping hits Britney Spears is back and better than ever in her new Las Vegas Show "Piece of Me."  

Britney performs all of her infectious dance songs, as well as tracks from her latest album.  Videos don't do her justice.  Her intense performance is way more electrifying.  Some even dream like and daring.  Whether she's flying across the stage, singing in a ring of fire, or dancing in front of multiple mirrors.  This Diva sure knows how to work it!  

Britney Spears performs May 14th, May 16th and May 17th,   August 16th, 19th, 23rd, 27th and 30th.  And September 3rd, 5th and 6th.  All shows are 9:00 P.M.  Use our services and we make sure you will have plenty of time to get in the clubs!  

New show dates added:  

UFC 173 features Arizona State's Dan Henderson who is ranked #5 Daniel Comier who is ranked #6 from Oklahoma State.  This highly anticipated heavyweight fight is going to be the most intense 15 minutes of the entire weekend!  


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to Las Vegas... Time to Step Into The Light!


This is the best club in Las Vegas!  Crique du Soleil realized how big of an influence EDC has been in Las Vegas.  After 5 years this is the first Rave Style Nightclub.  This is what a club should be, and will be in the future.  Currently, I expect them to win the number one club in the world within a year or two. The talent has been unreal!                                                                                                                                                

True Vegas VIP Service. What is it?  The secret to Vegas is how to get into the club ROCK STAR STATUS.  Every club ticket for free admission says VIP on it.  What does that really mean?  All over Vegas they have promoters who work directly for the clubs and more who work for independent licensed promotion companies.  They all have different offers which range in practicality and value according to contracts they have with the company.

The truth is you just wont find people with the authority you want to secure the deals so your party has a memorable time in Vegas and you certainly wont find them on the strip.  With over 10 years in the business personally I have the interpersonal connections with key club management to get you through the velvet ropes so you can start enjoying your vacation.

How valuable is our service? Go look on the web.  See how much hosting companies charge; up to and over $150 per person just to get you through the line.  Compare us to and So how can Las Vegas Night Life Services do this so inexpensively?   If you pay $30.00 to get in the club, the owners make money.  If you give them a VIP promotional ticket, the club gets a tax write off so the club owners DO NOT CARE HOW YOU GET IN.

With 30 to 65 promoters per club in addition to 17-20 promotion companies (more promoters) offering free drinks, no line, no cover, etc. who really gives you the best value?  If you can get in for $20.00 per person instead of $150.00, you have to give us a try.  The old saying; "It's not what you know but who you know" is more true in Vegas, than anywhere else on Earth.  If you met the same person I host my groups through, he is not going to give you the same service as an individual, as he will as one of my guests.

How many people do you bring to the club? LVNLS brings 30-300 people a week to 25 clubs... and you probably don't want to go to the clubs I only get 30 people a week into... LOL!  How do you hook into our circle? Just call us. We will have a courier meet with you at your hotel and deliver the tickets to you personally.

Nick Rotteveel is not just another Amsterdam remix master.  The man played the drums for 3 years and traded them for turn tables.  Releasing "Privilege" and "Qwerty" at age 18 he already had a record contract with Once Records.  The mash-up with "Groove Amanda" and Nicky Romero's sound made for a monster hit!  "My Friend" has been played by Axwell, Tiesto, Sander Van Dorn and so many more.  

"Where them girls at?"  By David Guetta that features Flo Rida and Nicky Minaj was produced by him.  Simply one of the best entertainers, producers, and remix masters of his time.  He helms his own weekly Radio Show Protocol Radio.  He owns his own record label Protocol Records.  I expect "Legacy" to win a few awards. 

Carl Cox does few and far between performances.    He has performed at EDC in Las Vegas in 2013, and the Exchange in LA a couple weeks ago.  You do not want to miss all the old school tricks.  This is a must see show!  

Formerly a resident DJ at Club Space in Miami.  He has his own Stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The UK is his primary fan base, and does not typically perform on the west coast.  With previous shows on Kiss FM.  Listen for "Chemistry" and "Dirty Bass."